I am so tired….

Started my exercise regime this week, as I am seriously not fitting into clothes. When I went shopping that day, I could hardly find any that fit me properly!!!!! I had to hide my tummy and my fat arms! The only good fats I had from this pregnancy was that I had a J.Lo ass that thank goodness, my hubby appreciates.

I only do pumping for my breast feeding, so that helps to lose some quite abit.

Feeling a little too out of the world, like losing touch what’s hot and new. I feel like an auntie now! I even go orchard in my sloppy outfit. Sigh… I had to make a quite run for my errands, so I didn’t bother to dress up and put make up. Be thankful I was wearing proper clothes.

I dont even even have time to meet my friends. I had to think if I go out, it must be within certain or I need to pump. So no long talks. And I need to bathe baby before his sleep. So it must be before 7, that I reach home. My oh my, gone are the days of my time where I can stay out late.

Gonna aim to lose weight and keep fit! It’s time for a new cool look. When baby is older, I can start bringing him out too.

Feeling sick

I really hate being sick at this point of time. During my pregnancy, I made it a point to really take care of my health. Eat healthily, ensure hygiene and all. I only fell sick once during my whole pregnancy and it was for 2 weeks, as I could only eat very mild medicine so it would take very much longer to heal. After giving birth, I realise you cant eat alot of medicine during breastfeeding as well! So I had to choose natural remedies to cure myself which would take longer to heal. Sigh… Its tough being sick and taking care of a baby. Thank goodness my mil is around to help, and I could take a nap in the noon to rest.

Talking about sick, I would feel worse if its my baby who is sick. Today, he vomitted again. According to many medical articles, its normal during the first few months, as his stomache is still adjusting. Strangely, after he vomit, he could still smile at me. I felt even worse, like I didnt manage prevent that. He is so adorable, before, he vomited, he was like gagaga, talking to me like he was really having a conversation. I am not sure if he was telling me he don’t feel good or what. He didn’t cry, just like having a normal conversation with me. I nodded along, as if I understood. He smiled again. I cant help but fall in love with him. And he does resemble my hubby alot, haha, yes, I guess that’s what love is all about.

I hate this feeling actually, cause when you love, you feel vulnerable. And I hate feeling vulnerable. But what to do, I guess, I am forever bounded by this little guy. Finally caught a picture of him smiling, he was looking at my sister in law who just came out of the shower with her turban towel and making funny actions to entertain him. Its hard to take picture of him smiling at me as he would be distracted by the phone and turned serious, so I am really happy to able to capture this. More to come!!


The Day of Birth

So this post is drafted a few days after the birth of my little one, but I had no time to edit and post, But here it is!


At 36 weeks, I was all ready to go hospital.. but it didnt.. 37 weeks, still waiting… I was like all standby at home, and finally I gave up waiting, i just went out as per normal. At 38 weeks, still no baby, and I was getting impatient. At 39 weeks, my hubby decided to take leave and stay home with me for precaution, as he was working in Malaysia and only came back on weekends.

And so on 27 August, at 5 plus am, I was awaken by some pain and felt like shitting.. so I went toilet to take a poo. Waited some time, still no poo, I went back to sleep. Some pain came again… I went toilet to try again… this time, there was blood.. I got freaked out, and finally I realise the pain was getting stronger, that I was not able to stand properly. I quickly wake my hubby and we immediately packed and off to the hospital…

I have trained my hubby with the protocol, so he knows the carpark, where to bring me, what to carry for me. He even prepared his bag of camera, ipad, iphone charger and all..

I was really thankful that my gynae, KT Tan from KKH, had just arrived to work and immediately visited me, still holding her handbag, and told the staff she would take over from here. When she came back, she immediately checked that I was 2 cm dilated and the bleeding was nothing serious. She also asked if I wanted epidural. I was shocked she asked, cause her style is to do everything natural if possible. When she suggested that, I knew its because she really meant it. As I was screaming in pain and tense up when she was just checking my dilation, she could see I was not going to withstand what’s coming up.. But I hesitated and said I wanted to just try the laughing gas. After I was admitted to the delivery room, I was given laughing gas and she checked and also burst the water bag. This time, I cried in pain, and it was not even the delivery!!! She was only checking, then she turn to me and my hubby, and said, “seriously, consider epidural, as you are so tense, it will be a greater risk for your baby during delivery.”

I took it. And I am glad I did.


Well, I would say it depends on your situation. It is not failure if you had epidural or C sec. Afterall, we are all doing something wonderful and whichever way you do it, its your choice. If you can tolerate the pain, go ahead. I knew I was not going make it through the pain so I took epidural. And I am so glad I did!

Why it was good: 

1) At ease…

I was totally at ease and could still sleep through the contractions.. the epidural may wear off, and you could just click a button, to add another dosage. I added 2 more dosage after the injection.

2) smooth delivery

Many said, you might not feel the pain so cannot push. Honestly, I was pushing with all my might and felt not pain!!! isnt that wonderful? I was able to push so easily. I was still able to feel my contractions as the dosage was just enough to feel  slight contractions but no pain at that area. While she stitched me up, as there was a tear, I was still able to talk to my hubby. And still feel my legs and her stitching me. Its like you can feel everything else except pain!!!

Some say you will take longer to deliver. I beg to differ. My gynae told me, it can happen either ways. Either you take longer or in my case, cause I was so relax, I dilated to 8cm within 4 hours and delivered baby within 5 mins after 3 hard push.

I was in shock when I dilated from 4cm to 8cm within an hour. Me and my hubby and everyone at home was still thinking okay, still have to wait for another 4 hrs or so!

Why it is bad:

1) Injection pain

I was really scared when she injected my spinal area, I was really afraid if anything goes wrong. The only thing is to really keep very still and let her inject or else something really do go wrong. It was painful as it really deep in. But its only for that 5mins.

2) cannot get off the bed

Honestly, I was so tired and sleepy that not getting off the bed was a good option for me. If you need to pee, they would insert this tube thing to pee. Honestly, I couldnt feel even when I pee. I can still feel my legs and move them but cant lift them high.

3) the aftermath

After delivery, you are damn hungry, cause you are not given food when you are admitted to prevent your bowels from pooing all over when you deliver. I couldnt down any food as I was vomiting due to the side effects. After about 2-3hrs, I was then able to eat, and man did I eat alot! You could still feel some sore pain at the back, but its normal which would wear off before you leave hospital.

But ultimately, I didnt regret. Now, almost 2 mths after delivery, my back is feeling alright.

Sometimes, I cant believe I am a mum now, it seems like yesterday, I was still 25, still single and dating…

Now, my life is about this little fellow. Everyday, looking at him makes me really happy..



KK Hospital 

So far KKH was fine for me. You meet mostly good nurses. Only 2-3 really bad nurses whom you dont feel the love.. But so far I like all the nurses who was in charge of taking care of me.


I took B1 Ward, which was relatively comfortable. Not much freebies but I liked it. Its a four bedder. And I had 2 other mums who slept the night with me, so only 3 of us in the ward. Hubbies are not allowed to sleep in with you. The only thing I didnt like was that the visitation hour is very strict, 1030am to 8pm. I guess, they reckon mums need to rest, so too many people is no good. Also, doctors do their rounds before 1030am, so not good to have visitors around. I was only in hospital for 2 days. One day deliver, next day I was out of hospital.


I chose KT Tan, whom many said is very aloof and not so friendly. She suited me. Well, if you choose her, she is not that kind that would pamper you or tell you long stories. Every time I meet her for appt, I would have a list of stuff I wish to enquire and lose no time to ask her even when I am changing clothes. And she would answer one by one. And solve on spot. My appt is always about less than 10 mins, sometimes, 5mins I am out. And I am doing fine. When is something serious then she would take longer to ask you. She is very professional and I read that she is very good with stitching vaginal tear that happens during delivery. So I picked her. She is Senior Consultant and her entourage of midwives are all very professional and efficient. Also no nonsense type. I can see nurses abit scared of her too as she is very firm.


I think it was this year or last year, they started promoting themselves as pro-breastfeeding and started the stay in with baby concept.

Honestly, I dont feel their lactation consultant very nice and good. I had some problems latching, and they didnt really help me.

It was the lactation consultant I called from TCM to help me that I received proper education on how to latch and solve my engorgement with right massaging techniques.

Though now I am still unable to latch, cause I feel really stress when bb cries and I cant latch properly, I chose to pump and sup with formula. But will try again when I feel less stress.

Well, thats all, need to go pump…

My Pregnancy Journey

I have not mentioned much about my pregnancy as I was really lazy, so shall just summarized it in one post. Will talk about some rantings, and what I discovered during my journey. This post was written during my eighth mth, as I assume during my confinement, I might not have time to blog.

First Trimester  (1- 3 mths) – Excitement

Well, this is the time when your emotions are thrilled when you find out about you are pregnant. You wish to tell the whole world, but do not wish to jinxed it. So you only tell your family members and friends whom you know would stand by you if anything were to happen.

I didnt really spot or had any major situation. Except once when I did spot a little but was something minor. I was late for my monthly period, and was tested for pregnancy which was positive. You can imagine the whole lot of things that can go through your mind. You cant tell your family as you weren’t sure. It may or may not be. The curiosity seriously kills you. My hubby was at his best containing his excitement, as he didn’t want to be disappointment, so he didn’t say much but just said, “if it is, dear, I will be most happy”. When we see the doctor at polyclinic to get referral to KK Hospital, we were told to wait till 4th week of the pregnancy, to be very sure its pregnant. What!!! that’s like another 3 weeks!! So we waited and waited and waited. And honestly, we got a little impatient and did again the pregnancy test, still positive. Okay.. we can be quite sure. Finally the day came, with the doctor confirming it. We spread the news.

I started with mild nasausness, which was able to be contained with seaband, ginger lemon tea (works like magic for me). I was not vomiting yet. Some cramping for a few days which was normal.

Once you confirmed you are pregnant, just get the book “what to expect when you are expecting”. It seriously cleared alot of doubts for me. As your body is going through serious changes.

So here are some questions mum-to be might ask: (well, at least I asked about it during my pregnancy).

1) Can you travel? Is Japan safe to go? 

I traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a business trip for about 4 days.  And yes with doctor’s approval. I only refrain from eating sashimi, which I read was not good for pregnancy as its raw. I avoided all raw food throughout my pregnancy. Its a lifestyle choice. My friend told me she ate raw sushi but only those very fresh. Well, I can’t tell if its fresh or what, I rather not risk it. Its up to you. Reason being as there is bacteria and parasites. I actually avoided all raw food, from half cooked eggs to slightly uncooked chicken (those chicken rice meat with a little bit of redness near the bone). I am that careful.

Japan is safe to go. Well, I am only there for 4 days, so I guess if there is radiation, I am still fine. I was only paranoid about radiation. So I actually chose my food carefully, but honestly, when I was there, all the food look so good that I just ate anything except raw food, which was so tempting, with the glistering salmon staring at me…

The only thing I wish to caution is the flight seat. I was trying to sleep on the plane, and was in awkward position even though I had 2 seats. When I reached home, I had really bad backache, I couldnt really move my lower body. Your hips are actually expanding to make space for the baby. So try to sit in comfortable position and chair.

2) Can you eat medicine? 

Even though during my 3 weeks of uncertainty, I avoided eating medicine. Thankfully I wasnt sick during that time. I would try all natural homemade methods such as honey with lemon, gargle salt water, drink warm water and all. Try and keep myself in good condition. I feel that during the first 3 mths its best to avoid if you can.

I had a really bad flu, sore throat and cough during my 7-8th mth, and had no choice but to eat medicine for fast recovery as I was coughing very badly. The GP will not give you antibiotics but only those super mild medicine suitable for pregnancy, thus it would take you much longer to recover than those stronger medicine he would give a non-pregnant person.

Second Trimester (4-6mth) – I feel like shit

Mid of third to 5th mth

Smell and vomiting became common. Ginger lemon tea didn’t help. Heart burn started. Bad mood. Short breath while talking, stomache starts to show. No appetite. Lost weight.

Honestly not much recollection during this period as it was not pleasant. Other than the scanning of my little one.

Oh at fifth mth, we were able to scan the gender of baby. And it is (drumroll….) a little boy! The doctor was so funny, he said the baby was head down, and his legs were wide open, it was undoubtedly a little boy.

I drank bird nest and codyceps  during my 5th – 6mth the most. I do not recommend more than that. Most of the pregnant mums I know who drank longer than this period had their baby really big. But of course, that’s different for every mums.

Third Trimester (7-10mths) – Finale 

I am the happiest here. Its like life is wonderful again, birds start chirping, flowers started blooming, sun is shinning!!! Food is all good! All I think about is food and sleep. As my baby bump is a gettting heavier…

Started to buy baby’s stuff, which is all very exciting….. how is it that baby’s clothes are so adorable!!!!!

Only sleeping is kind of uncomfortable.

The little boy is moving alot and its evident when you can see his little hand and i think his bum, moving across your stomache. As space is getting tighter as he grows bigger, his movements can be felt more and evident on my baby bump. I love it when he moves.

Questions you might ask: 

1) Can you eat durian? Coconut, Drink Barley? 

Well, what I was told is eating durian, can increase the baby weight if your baby is growing too slowly. As for me, my baby was growing quite normally, so I only ate for the cravings. But once, I made a mistake to eat when I was already quite heaty, I fell sick for 2 freaking weeks and had to pop pills to recover. Not worth it. But the good thing was at my next check up, baby was still growing healthily and at the normal range. A good size. So i stopped eating durian. I realise during my 7th mth onwards, I was getting heaty. At my eighth mth, i started drinking homemade barley or young coconut (Malaysian type only) to cool down. I read that Thai coconut is not so good as they inject sugar. (not sure if its true) but I can only find the Malaysian coconut at the foodcourt near my hse.

2) Contractions: Fake or real? 

Well, during your last month, you would have your antena up in the air for any slight movement or happenings. From a little bleeding to pain in the stomache.

Well, rule of thumb if you suspect contraction, its damn bloody painful that you cant talk. It would be like for a shot period of time, then ease and then it comes again. It gets stronger and stronger as time goes, and closer intervals..

image (2)




I always wonder why is it so difficult for some people to admit their mistakes and just say “sorry”. Its just a word.

Today, I went to my usual chicken rice stall to purchase a chicken rice set that has the chicken with rice, and vegetables. The lady that usually takes my order was not there, it was another “auntie” who is about 45 and above.

I ordered a set, and paid, told her I will be coming back to collect. When I went to collect, I noticed it was without the vegetables, obviously she took my my order wrong. Guess what she said, “Oh you ordered wrongly”. I even repeated twice when I ordered. Then she turn to her colleague and said ” the customer wants to change her order”. Hello! its not change order, is please make it correct. I then said, I actually ordered a set just now, and she quickly turn to her colleague she wants to add the vegetable now. Hello again, that is all so misleading that I made the mistake in ordering. Her colleague saw that what I said, and everyone knows she made the mistake, but she just refuse to apologize. Cant be bothered to argue with her, I left after taking my  food.

Well, this is something I noticed. Having worked with ladies above 45 and 50s, I realised the word, “sorry”, is seldom in their dictionary. Okay, I am not saying its all women that age, but quite a number of them. When you confront them with damning evidence of their mistake, they can coolly either change the subject quickly, or say alot of things to hint that its not their fault.

My mum has these attitude too. No offense, i think my mum is great with all her care and concerns, I just wish sometimes she would admit certain mistakes, and just move on. These 50 year old lady, I worked with before, has never once said “sorry” for the mistake she makes during my years of  working in the same company. Why?? Why is it so difficult to say straight in the eye that it is mistake.

To me, it takes bravery to admit your mistake, but weakness to not acknowledge it.

But to them, it is probably, she didnt want to be seen weak, and old. Or to be linked with words like “useless”, “made many mistakes” and etc. But I sincerely think that I rather you admit your mistake and move on. Cause, even young people made mistakes. But acknowledging it is far more important. Cause, it would come a time, when everyone can obviously see that you made the mistake but you undeniably denied it. Isnt it worse? Isn’t it self-deluding?

Eating in Hot Taipei (Part 2)- Beitou and Pingxi Railway Station

As I mentioned, we moved to our new hotel Beauty Hotels- Hotel B6 俞美精品飯店. 



No.106, Sec. 2, Wuchang St. Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 10843

(02) 2388-3008

As this hotel is in the middle of Xi Men Ding, it is about 10-15min away from the station, compared to the first hotel we stayed in which was 5mins away only. We waited till around 2pm and tried our luck to see if we could check in. And they did, and best part was, they actually upgraded us to superior room!

Things we love 

Everything! The shower is the best!!! With our favourite rain shower. Bed is huge! Tv is HD awesome! And its right in the middle of Xi Men Ding, even at 945pm, we could go out to buy the fried chicken, we also got the shishamo and squid! Next to it they also have pao pao cha. Hubby chose Mei Gui Tie Guan Yin for me to try, and the lady added some other flavors which was really delicious. One of the best pao pao cha I drank! I love the mixture. Instead of munching tapioca balls she gave some other chewy stuff to add the tastiness!

Things we not like
The space too small, no space for our luggage to lay out.

Going towards Beitou HotSpring

Taking the Metro station from Xi Men Ding to Taipei Main Station and change to Xin Bei Tou Station,. It is just walking distance to the place.







As you walk along the road to Beitou Hot Spring Museum and Hell Valley, it is accompanied by greenery and a park, streams of water and nature.


Even though, I have been to Taiwan many times, I didn’t get to explore Beitou Hot Spring, so added this in my itinerary. Do note that the Beitou Hot Spring Museum and Hell Valley closes at 5pm and on Mondays. We actually didn’t know about it but manage to visit both places in time.



The place was crowded with students, Taiwanese and tourists, eagerly entering the entrance before the closing time. If you look around, you would feel that it resembles alot like the Japanese baths, that’s because they were built during the Japanese colonial era, and yet with a hint of European style as well. The place is heavily redeveloped and transform into the musuem that we see today. The rich culture and history of the hot springs in Beitou is explained and shared in the musuem. Take time and get soaked in the knowledge of the Beitou Hot Springs.

Walking further down the road, we came to the Hell Valley, 地熱谷. 

It was given the name after several incidents happened, but I also think its because the heat symbolises Hell too.. You can even feel the heat just from standing on the platform. Having the temperature of 80-100 degree celsius, it’s not place you want to play and run around. Tourists used to be able boil eggs from the water, till efforts of government attempt to prevent more accidents thus building the fence around the walkway. There are places around where you can enjoy the hotspring at affordable prices. But the fact that we are already sweating like pigs, there is no doubt that this is the last we wish to do now. If you come in during the winter or spring period, it should be quite enjoyable!




After this, we head down to Shilin market, sorry I didnt have pictures, as me and hubby was just busy eating all the delicious food and with hands filled with goodies and drinks, it was just to difficult to take pictures. kekeke!


Pingxi Railway Station

The next day, we woke up early to visit Ping Xi Railway Station. Although it is a railway station, its bustling with tourists many stuff to see and eat!

At Taipei Main Station, you have to approach the Taipei Railway ticket counter (TRA) to purchase a train ticket to Rueifang Station.

The whole journey will take less than 40 mins and honestly you would have a tough time to find a seat. I manage to get a seat, but poor baby stood the whole time.

At the boarding platform, there will be a  display board that shows the arrival of trains at different timing. Good thing I was with dear, as I was very confused with all the timing anHGd train.

The train ride allows you to stop at different train stations, I chose Shifen as there is a waterfall and shops to view and also release lantern. Most people would also choose Pingxi and Jintong. You can get a map at the station ticket office before you board the train, and slowly make your decision on where to visit.

I would have love to visit the other stops, but it was so hot!!!! And I actually spent the whole day at Shifen but managed to do lots of things.

Do make sure to watch the time and not miss the last train back to Rueifang and Taipei Main Station. 










I keep downing the cold melon drink, as it was scorching hot.




After having some Taiwanese snack, we headed towards the waterfall, that is a must see at Shifen. I almost died walking up the steep slop as it was really hot and I was like feeling faint. Regret not putting sunscreen, but I did bring a “God-given” umbrella. Thank God I brought. I was really dying from the heat. My hubby was like encouraging to finish the “hike” and sacrificing the cold melon drink to me.

Finally reached….



The thing that made us run towards, its the shop with COLD, ICE DRINKS!!!!

After downing and another drink, we sat down to appreciate the puny waterfall, which my hubby said, its seriously nothing compared to Niagara Falls.  Of cos la, its not like its Victoria Falls to compete with it.






After a long day, we went back to hotel for a nice cold bath!


Love, Wendy

Eating in Hot Taipei (Part 1)

So why did I titled it as Hot Taiwan, because my hubby and I went last August, and OMG!!! its freaking hot and humid at 33-34 degrees!

I seriously don’t recommend going to Taiwan during their summer season. I went Taiwan many times, but never during summer, so it was kind of a shock for me. Nevertheless, we went ahead as we needed a holiday! So here we go!

I love Taiwan, the way they speak, the friendliness, the food (of course) and others!

When we reached the airport and we went to the first level where all the bus operators are located. And we realized that the Fei Go last bus service is 515pm! And we reached at 525pm! Missed by 10 mins!!! Fortunately, me being in events company always have back up plans, the hotel that we booked also gave another bus option: from Guo Guang Bus 1819 at 125twd per pax. So it was still fine, only that we still need to change to train and spend a bit more time. If we take cab, it will be around 1000.

Finally reached our hotel Forte Orange Hotel Ximen, which took about 1.5 hrs bus ride. To return to Airport from hotel, you just need to inform the hotel receptionist the day before, your flight details.

Forte Orange Hotel Ximen is only 2 mins frm the Ximending. We didnt have much choice of hotel as it was peak season , so we chose this.

I find the boutique hotels in Taiwan really small, maybe its just around those prominent tourist spots like Xi Men Ding. There was really not much space to put our luggage and walk around the hotel.

Things I like about this hotel: 
1) Near Xi Men Ding, if you are staying in the middle of Xi Men Ding, it might have been too noisy with all the noise of music and promotion being broadcast, an experience I encounter in my second hotel, will share more in next post)
2) It has its unique style
3) Affordable for its basic needs
4) Friendly service
5) Tv is just infront of the bed, feels cosy
6) though toilet is just next to the bed, even after someone shit, there is ventalialtion above the toilet that you don’t smell a thing!!

Things I don’t like 
1) Too small room (not much space to walk around after dumping the luggage on the floor.)
2) The shower room has no cover (so make sure you are comfortable with whoever you are going with. For me, I was with my hubby, so it was still fine.)

Overall, I give it a 7/10, as location and price is very important for me.

IMG_9199     IMG_9200


Settling down all our luggages, we changed to cooling clothes and started scouting for our dinner!

Randomly walking around, we past this place that had Chou Toufu (Smelly Tofu). And they have hotpot! Though I would recommend this place more during cold weather, but seeing the crowd inside the shop, I am quite convinced that its good. And true enough, the food was delicious!

Its called San Ma Chou Chou Guo (三妈臭臭锅) Xi Men Shop, 萬華區昆明街85號

They have other outlets as well at other cities in Taiwan.



We ordered Big Intestine Hot pot, 100TWD, and added small intestine and some other ingredients. You can add which ever items you want more!

And I love the cold melon drink, refreshing in the hot weather and best part is, it is free flow.

After that, we walked around and chanced upon another gem.

Before this, I have never eaten 滷肉飯 (Lu Rou Fan), Braised Pork on rice before. Its Taiwanese style, so its not the same as those I have eaten in Singapore, which the meat is harder. The sauce is so OMG. The braised pork is freaking delicious!!!!! I love anything that is braised actually. I kept craving for it when I came back. Thank goodness I found a Taiwanese restaurant that serves this at United Square.



I dont remember the shop location but its the same street as the Hotpot, at 140. Only managed to capture the shop name here.


Filling our stomach, we went back hotel to rest and watched some tv series, wanted to rest early, as we were quite tired.


Being a very routine person as I have gastric problems, I must have breakfast at 9am, and since Ah Zhong Mian Xian, only opens at 11am, I decided to have Mac Donalds for breakfast. Bought for my sleepy hubby, who is a late sleeper and waker.

Even Taiwan has the Hello Kitty plush toys, and they were selling those toys that was sold out in Singapore. There is not much of craze here. Honestly, I don’t really know what’s the fuss about. But I did see one I thought was cute but that week, they didn’t have the one I wanted, so I didn’t buy.

After resting a while more after eating, we went for the famous 阿宗麵線 (Ah Zhong Mian Xian)!!! Almost every Singaporean I know, when they are at Taiwan, this is something they would include in their itinerary. I honestly can eat this everyday!!! Such a simple dish yet it makes people come back for more.


阿宗麵線 (Ah Zhong Mian Xian)

No. 8~1 Emei St., Taipei (East XMD Pedestrian Area) 台北市峨嵋街8號之1,

Tel: (02) 02-2388-8808, 2388-8182

2 sizes- Big bowl for NT$55, Small bowl for NT$40.

It opens from 11am – 10.30pm.

Next is to explore Jay Chou’s restaurant. I have heard some good and some okay only, so I wanted to see it for myself.

Mr J French-Italian Restaurant II (Mr.J 義法廚房II)

250 WuXing St. Taipei Medical University Taipei,
Taiwan 02-2377-9090

Here is directions: 

Take the train to Taipei City Hall, Exit 2, take escalator up to ground level, turn right and you will see many shuttle bus stops.

The shuttle bus to Taipei Medical University is next to the shuttle bus stop to Taipei 101. (it should be further down) There is one that is free and one that you need to pay. We didn’t know and got on the one that needed to pay and still ought to scout around for the restaurant. 

There is a shuttle bus every 15 minutes from 7am-7pm.

Once you alight from the shuttle bus, walk to the right of the main building entrance (Taipei Hospital) towards the Library and you will see Mr J’s restaurant!

Directions credits to : Blog



After asking a security guard, we found the place! As we went at 4pm, its was quite quiet and empty, only a few students or tourists. I enjoyed the quietness though. We ordered to share as we were still quite full and was going to try some other food at another location after this. The food is quite alright only not exceptionally good that you would go all the way here just to try. So I guess its the name of Jay Chou that made this place attractive. I remembered watching this show few years back where the hype was still strong. It was Jay Chou’s first attempt at directing a movie, after testing his own works through his music videos. I do admire his dedication and talent.




I would say their drink was something that I remembered was exceptionally good. I ordered the Fa Shi Xian Nai Cha (I guess translated to be Magic Milk Tea?)


The squid ink was not too bad as well. This obviously was a dish not chosen by me, as girls wouldnt choose something so black for a date. Yes, its the hubby.










Getting on the shuttle bus and heading to our next food location!

Its my favourite Braised Pork Meat Rice!!!! There is another brand that was quite recommended.

胡须张 (鬍鬚張Formosa Chang)

Take the metro to Hou Shan Pi Station and Exit 1. Walk straight along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd. Look out for this sign!

Walk towards Wufenpu, and you look out for the signboard on the right.





It was really crowded when we reached. The whole place was bustling with people, but the service staff were so efficient that we immediately got a seat and in less than 10mins, we had our food. I would say the braised pork is not as nice as the one I ate on the first day. But I really love the Taiwanese style pork..and sauce!! It really melt in your mouth and the meat is so soft and yummy!!! Formosa Chang is little commercial to me, but nonetheless, I still dig the meat!

Next, we went to Wufenpu and Raohe Street!

I made a quick shopping at Wufenpu, and surprisingly, my hubby was the one who had more buys than me, he managed to find his berms at a local brand shop. He is no picky about clothes but it must be comfy. And since he seldom shop, I was glad he found some clothes that he liked.

Raohe Street is like a night street market that is also popular for many tourists. Of course food is the number one thing to look out for!


It was a really long and hot day, we went back to hotel to rest for the last night. Tomorow, we gonna move to another hotel smack in the centre of Xi Men Ding. We wanted to try out different hotels and see the difference. And I am glad we had the new hotel! Will talk more in the next post!